Make Your Home Seem Occupied

Burglars are selective when it comes to break and enters. They may want a house that looks like it has valuables in it, but more than anything they just don’t want to get caught. This is why they tend to choose houses that suggest the owner has been away for a while. Leaving the lights on is one of the oldest tricks to decrease chances of burglars choosing your house. 

Cameras are Always Better When They are Seen

Of course, you would like to have your cameras hidden, so no one would destroy them if they are willing to rob your house. However, there should be at least few cameras that are easily spotted.This will lower any burglars motivation. You can even buy fake security cameras that look real – if you’re not interested in the larger investment a real Camera system would entail.

Social Media – A Burglar’s Crime Partner?

The increasing use of the social media has significantly impacted our privacy. Although you can take control of your privacy settings, you never know who’s watching. So, if you really are worried about a break and enter stop posting your vacation plans on social media! Or be less direct in how you post; I.E don’t mention the exact dates of your vacation. This same rule applies to For Sale By Owner listings! Don’t go too into detail as to why you’re selling, if a burglar sees no one’s living in the house – you may have put a target on your head!

Keep Your Belongings Out of Eyesight

If you tend to leave your valuable belongings in the garden, porch or in view through an open window – you may become an easy target. Burglars do their research and they don’t want to go over much trouble. So, it’s on you if you want to make their lives easier.

Don’t Leave Potential Signs You’re Traveling

Travel is one of the best incentive of working hard, but don’t turn it into an opportunity for burglars. If you will be away for a certain time, you should avoid having mails piling up in front of your house. You can either ask a neighbor or friend to collect them when you’re away.

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