Edmonton home owners understand the struggle of exterior home improvements. Every year we’re blessed with 6-8 months of harsh winter conditions; when summer arrives, we get long sunny days or strong gale force winds. These weather conditions make improvements to our home exteriors incredibly costly or short-term solutions. Most homeowners will ignore the exterior improvements while focusing on making the best of their interior. This is just how things go in Edmonton, but what happens when you want to sell? Does a poor exterior finish lessen the value of your house? This blog post will review the most important exterior finishes to improve the value of your home.

Facia & Sofits

Most homes have gutters covering the Facia  – whether it’s the gutters or the Facia, it will seriously improve the look of your home if these are well cleaned and securely fastened. Look at your house from the front sidewalks; does your Facia have peeling paint or unfastened / uncleaned gutters? Get up there and do some cleaning! Sofits are a little more complicated. Do you have sagging sofits? Get a roofing specialist to inspect them and provide a quote on replacing them or fixing the underlying problem. It’s problems like sagging Sofits that can cause potential buyers to lose interest or drop their price.

Window Casings

Homes normally have wood or MDF window casings. A fresh coat of paint over these moldings will do two things. Firstly, fresh paint will draw the eyes of potential buyers, they’ll see the new paint as a signifier of a conscientious and caring home owner. Secondly freshly painted casings will actually make the windows themselves look newer! Window quality is a huge deal in Edmonton, we all know the implication of bad windows once it gets cold out!


Although it’s not a long-term solution, while selling your house it’s important that whatever garden you have is as well kept as possible, along with your lawn. Increasing your garden too will draw the attention of potential home buyers! Keeping your garden looking good shows pride of ownership, one of the few qualities that can really create a positive impression with potential buyers.