Edmonton is filled with Bungalows built in the 1960s – 80s, many of these houses were built with hardwood floors, but somewhere between the 60s and 70s hardwood went out of fashion in favor of carpet. There’s even cases of carpeted walls in some basements. If you’re tired of your old carpets or looking to switch them out for a more fashionable carpet style here are a few steps on how to safely and effectively remove your carpet.

Have the Correct Tools

The correct tools to remove carpet are: a ‘Red Bar’ (I.E a small crow bar like this), Carpet Knife, and a flat headed shovel.

Step One

Use the Carpet Knife should to cut the carpet into manageable sections. If you want to effectively remove the carpet you should focus on cutting larger rectangular pieces that can be easily rolled up and fit through any door frame. This will also protect your walls from potential damage. Once the carpet and the carpet foam have been cut up and removed from the room you can move onto step 2.

Step Two

Now use the Red Bar to remove the Carpet Tack lining the walls of the carpeted area. A smaller crow bar is more effective for this job as often the Carpet Tack will be at awkward angles and difficult to remove neatly with a regular sized crow bar. To protect your drywall from damage as well as save time use a small crow bar or red bar! Once the carpet tack is out you can now focus on the final and worst stage of carpet removal

Step Three

Use the flat headed shovel to remove hundreds of tinny staples in your floor after the carpet and Carpet Tack have been removed. HomeBuyersYEG only recommends this if you are planning to put new floor over top of current floor. If you’re trying to refurbish old hardwood floor use pliers and manually remove each staple to prevent the risk of damaging your floor further. To use the shovel properly treat your floor like you would a sidewalk with snow on it, something anyone from Edmonton is very familiar with. When you hit a staple using this motion, with the right amount of force, the part of the staple sticking up from the floor should break off.

Step 4 (Optional)

If you noticed the carpet was seriously damaged with some sort of organic substance I.E animal fecal matter or any type of mold, now that the carpet is gone this may be a good opportunity to wash the floor with a chlorine and water mixture. A chlorine bath will kill any smell that may have been lurking in your base boards, thanks to the past home owner’s poor maintenance! Do not use excessive amounts of water, as it my damage your basement ceiling & of course remember to wear the proper protective gear!

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