Advice for Home Owners on D.I.Y Paint Jobs

As home owner’s it’s our right to paint your walls in whatever fashion with whatever color we choose! Unfortunately, an abuse of those rights can cause a depreciation in home value. This post will go over a few ways to ensure your paint decisions aren’t: #1 depreciating the value of your home and #2 The paintings done in an effective manner!

When Should I use Semi-Gloss paint?

In HomeBuyersYEG’s experience, DIY home owners either abuse Semi-Gloss or ignore it all together. Semi Gloss paint is used for areas of your house that will experience serious moisture over extended periods. I.E your bathroom! You should use Semi Gloss paint on both your walls and ceiling in the bathroom. We’ve all notice bathrooms that have not been painted with Semi Gloss paint as the paint will either be bubbling, or peeling. Once you’ve finished with the Semi Gloss in the bathroom it is highly recommended you do not use it anywhere else, or mix regular Egg Shell paint with Semi Gloss, as the finish is noticeably different!

When Should I use Primer?

Primer is a type of white paint normally described as a ‘base color’. Many people use primer as a base layer when covering a heavier color with a calmer color (such as White over Red). Primers only purposes in your DIY renovations should either be your first coat when painting over wood or your first coat when painting over Drywall. Primer should not be used for any other task, even though it won’t make much of a difference either way, hopefully this helps you from spending money on another type of paint when a third coat would do the same job!

How should I use Painters Tape?

Painters Tape (I.E FrogTape) should always be used when doing a big or small project. Nothing is more annoying than having to re-touch your work a few days later, or trying to scrape dry paint off one of your appliances! Unfortunately many people miss a key concept behind Painters Tape; when you’re done your paint job remove the Painters Tape immediately! Do not let the paint dry with the Painters Tape still on your wall, if this happens your paint will bind with the Painters Tape. Once the tape is bound with the paint removing the tape without peeling away at least a bit of your newly painted wall is near impossible!

There you go! Three tips that should save you time, money and help achieve that freshly painted look we all love! If you have any other questions or would like some more advanced advice please give us a call at 780-306-1661 or contact us through HomeBuyersYEG