Kitchens play an integral role when it comes your homes market value as most potential Edmonton home owners and existing home owners take pride in the state of their kitchen. Based off our renovation experience at HomeBuyersYEG we believe the value of your home can increase tremendously if you take time to refurbish the kitchen area. The kitchen makes your home more attractive to potential home buyers. Although there are a lot of other factors that play a role in how your Edmonton home will sell, the state of the kitchen takes the front seat. The cost for renovating your kitchen in Edmonton can range from a few thousand dollars to $60,000 depending on kitchen size and featured appliances. If you’re looking to improve the value of your house before selling it how do you know where to put the money in your kitchen and how much to invest? Here our some of HomeBuyerYEG’s favorite tips for a cheap, yet effective, kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Counters

The state of your kitchen is determined by several factors and the kitchen counter is one of them. To please new home buyers, you have to ensure your kitchen countertops give off a clean and aesthetically pleasing look. You do not necessarily have to go all out and buy new counters, there are quick and easy ways of going about improving your kitchen countertops. You should check your kitchen counters and find out if there are any issues such as mold, cracks or grout, then make sure that you resolve all the various counter problems by clearing the grout, cleaning the counters, sanding and oiling where is necessary. If you are able to replace old grout / caulking or even just update your back splash, this will increase the value of your kitchen without a costly countertop replacement. Check out these lights, which can be attached to the bottom of your cabinets.

Kitchen Lighting

The lighting of your kitchen makes it more appealing and it is essential that you invest in proper lighting so the potential home buyers are able to fully appreciate the value of your homes kitchen. Try to replace any LED lights with softer lights that have a less aggressive white light, as this is easier on the eyes and more aesthetically pleasing in a kitchen. Ensure the light fixtures in your kitchen are new or at least up to the latest fashion expectation. Getting new lighting for your kitchen is a very practical and inexpensive step which should increase the value of your kitchen, check out HomeDepots selection of cheap & fashionable lights.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

You do not have to go and buy a new cabinet for your kitchen if the cabinet is still in good shape. All the cabinets need is an up-kept and vibrant appearance to become a value added part of your home, in the eyes of a new home buyer. Consider repainting the cabinets, this goes a long way in the upgrade of the cabinets. Check out this paint kit, if you have the proper cabinets for this type of a repaint I would highly suggest it before diving right into entirely new kitchen cabinets. You can also oil and grease the cabinet wood to have it looking polished and new. One final tip would be to invest in new cabinet handles. Nothing catches the eye more than high quality stainless steel door handles. New cabinet door handles will surely be the finishing touch re-painted cabinets would require.

The remodeling of your kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank, the DIY methods outlined above are both  quick and easy. it is also  important to remember that some kitchen appliances and fixtures might need to be replaced during the refurbishing process so as to be able to get the correct value when you sell your house. The less work you leave for the new home owner on resale, the more value your creating and thus the more money you could expect to sell your home for!