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Edmonton has been hit by a wave of Infill development or ‘skinny homes’. At Home Buyers YEG we believe this is because Edmonton is evolving into a truly established city and like most cities, as they grow, the municipal government must focus on ensuring the city grows with it’s population. As a result, Edmonton needs to grow in density rather than size! If you have a 50 foot wide lot in Edmonton Alberta the new Infill policies have now theoretically made you the owner of two smaller lots rather than one large one, isn’t that cool? Below are a few ways HomeBuyersYEG can be of service if you find yourself in this fortunate Infill situation.


We will buy your Infill property Hassle free

Is your fifty foot wide Infill property in one of these neighborhoods? Ritchie, Glenwood, West Jasper Place, Meadowlark, Jasper Place, Canora, Capilano, Belgravia, Westmount, Glenora, GrovenorForest Heights, Inglewood, Parkview or Crestwood. Then get in touch and learn what we’d pay On The Spot!

We Buy 50 foot lots to re-develop high quality skinny homes. Check out our projects to see where we’re currently building skinny homes in the city!

We will help you re-zone your house into two properties

Working with the government is never fun, especially when you’re trying to figure out something as complex as zoning regulations. Home BuyersYEG offers you the chance to re-zone your large infill lot into two smaller properties. Why would you want to do this? You can now sell those two subdivided infill lots each separately, often times for more than you could sell the singular 50 foot lot for.

This service is incredibly useful if the house itself is a tear down.

We will list your Infill lot in a developer friendly manner

The barriers to entry to become a real estate agent are incredibly low. Buyers all over the city are running into realtors who are less worried about the true value of your home given future re-development potential and more worried about getting their commission. HomeBuyersYEG has been building infill developments for years and we believe a property that can be redeveloped into two lots should not be sold as a house but marketed to represent its’ true potential. Call today to learn more about your property and list your house with professionals who understand your unique situation!

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