This post will review, the best tactics for 3 of the most common house selling methods: For Sale by Owner marketing, using a realtor & selling to a builder. Remember! When selling your home a $10,000 difference in the price you sell means $10,000 extra in your pocket. To the buyer, that extra $10,000 is simply +/- $50 in mortgage payments each month.

Use a Realtor – Realtors are great for introducing your home to motivated future home owners; although their fees are substantial. How do you make money on the sell side of your Real Estate while still using a realtor? Make sure your house is what a future home owner expects in their house. This can include, a fresh coat of paint, a well-kept yard, a clean home, and most importantly: a good smelling house. Remember those Glad commercials? Nose blindness is a thing. Ensure your house smells fresh when people are walked through the property. These are some often overlooked points of selling your real estate as we like to convince ourselves these massive financial investments are decisive, rational decisions; yet we all know a house is something many people fall in love with.

For Sale by Owner – Choosing the for sale by owner strategy is the cheapest method of sale but also invites sharks into your midst. First you need to decide on a price, get a realtor to inspect your home and tell you how much it is worth, you can also check comparable prices in your area through the MLS system. Next you will want to establish your marketing channels: Kijiji, Craigslist as well as a few ‘for sale by owner’ signs on your street. This should draw enough traffic that you are able to get several offers. Lastly, if you have time to create a drawn-out sales process you should do so, the first few offers you get will likely be lower than the next couple.  I would suggest spending less time on the overall quality of your hose if you choose to go this method, many times the buyers looking for FSBO are a little more entrepreneurial in their real estate purchase, they’re looking for a house they can add value to. If you’re seriously considering this channel, get in touch! We love buying For Sale By Owner Homes!

Sell to an Investor or Builder – This is the fastest way to sell your home if you are looking for a quick sale. Commercial real estate investors look for ‘fix & flip’, re-development or investment properties. The best way to sell your home by the end of the week would be to find a current under construction property in your neighborhood and give the number on their sign a call, if they do not buy it they will know someone who will. You can sell your home in 48 hours for the right price (normally about 85-90% of what you’d get selling normally). This is not optimal if you have time to wait but if you’re at risk of foreclosure, your home is too structurally damaged to sell as a livable property or any number of reasons, this is an option often overlooked by distressed home owners.