We Buy Renovation Projects

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We Renovate Bungalows Bi-levels, Townhomes, and all other sorts of homes in Edmonton!

We Buy any and all renovation projects. No matter the size or location. If you think your house could use some improvements that you’re not prepared to do yourself we will buy it!

For many homeowners’ small renovations or required maintenance may pile up, turning a house you once considered an asset into a serious money sink. Life in Edmonton is not getting any cheaper as our city grows and the cost of living increases. We understand the hardship even a small investment into a home can take.

HomeBuyersYEG is motivated to work with home sellers in this situation for a mutually beneficial sale. Whether you’re interested in a quick sale and just getting on with your life or would like some advice on what to do, we’re happy to chat!

Condo Renovations

Edmonton’s’ Condo market is not what it used to be. HomeBuyers is still take on Condo renovations. Don’t let this stop you from calling! HomeBuyersYEG loves medium to large scale renovations in Oliver and Westmount. An example of a medium sized renovation project is about $10-25,000 worth of work. This would most likely focus on the kitchen and bathrooms. A large investment in a condo could be as serious as gutting the interior and starting completely from scratch. HomeBuyers has experience with both types of renovation projects, we’re always eager for condo renovation projects.

When you look at your condo does it look like you might need a new kitchen? Is the bathroom a little out of fashion? Are you worried about the risk you’d be taking investing money into your condo renovations? Call us we’re interested in talking renovations even if you’re not ready to sell your Edmonton Condo!

Townhouse Renovations

A Townhome can be great rental investments as well as very nice places to live. Do you have a Townhome that has been a profitable rental property for years? Are you worried when your long-term tenants move out you’ll have to put money into townhouse renovations before selling? Or maybe you’re just preparing to move to a new part of the city or upgrade to a house? No matter what, you should find out what we’re willing to pay before you use a realtor!

HomeBuyersYEG loves renovating Townhomes in West Edmonton, Millwoods or Central Edmonton. We also look for opportunities to buy Townhouses as investment properties. So please still give us a call even if you’re not certain your townhouse is right for renovations. In the end our goal is just to find the right fit between you the seller and us, the buyer, so we’re able to both save on realtor fees: We Buy houses any condition!

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