You must be habitual to extreme weather conditions to live in Edmonton. As we all know winter has been extremely severe this year. One unexpected problem many homeowners will face this summer is cracks in their cemented driveways or sidewalks once the snow melts. Although these cracks do not cause any structural damage, they nevertheless allow moisture and dirt to seep inside; growing the cracks further and ruining the aesthetics of your yard. Below are a few tips for Edmontonian’s on how you can easily fill cracks in your driveway.

Prepare the crack before filling

Before proceeding to fill the cracks in your concrete driveway, you must ensure that the cracks are clean and free from dirt and roots. Clean up using a cleaner that cuts grease and a herbicide spray if available. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the filler to bond properly with cement. Ensure the crack is dry before conducting this exercise. If there is dampness, use a blow dryer to dry out the crack and the surrounding area.

Widening the Crack 

Using a chisel and a hammer, widen the crack at an angle to make the surface of the crack wider, narrowing the deeper you go into the crack. This is termed as keying the crack which helps the patching material to easily bond with the crack. Once you’ve chipped away at the crack before applying the filler, take a brush or broom to drive out all dirt and dust you’ve created. Afterwards, use a vacuum cleaner to repeat this exercise.

Pour Concrete Patch Inside the Crack

Take the bottle of the premix concrete patch and pour the content inside the crack. Check the crack after a few minutes and apply a little more of the concrete mix in areas settled down lower than desired. Make sure that the patch is tight and consistent all along the crack. Take a trowel and move it along the crack to create a uniform surface. The patch will cure after a few hours. You should leave it overnight so that it becomes hard and solid.

Carry out sealing of the patch

Make use of a good quality sealant to seal the concrete once the patch has cured. If the surface of the driveway is smooth, you can use a roller after applying sealer. Otherwise, you can use a brush with bristles to seal the surface.

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