From the perspective of price, in Edmonton, older houses are an incredible opportunity to live within your means as well as access Edmonton’s many amenities without the use of the Henday or Whitemud. With that being said, these houses come with their own set of issues. For me, the biggest issue has always been maintaining the temperature throughout the house, during winters such as the one we’re experiencing now. Older homes drafty chimneys, ancient furnaces and sub-par windows allow cold wind to enter from many places disrupting the comfort and peace of the house. The solution to these problems without a full renovation or an expensive new heating unit is to insulate your old house. HomeBuyersYEG, started in Edmonton Alberta, and we’re no stranger to the heating challenges Edmonton’s climate creates. In fact, this isn’t even our first article on the keeping your house warm!

What Should I Focus on When Insulating My House?

Edmontonian’s are already skilled at managing cold, but below I will outline some tactics to lower your heating bill and increase the enjoyment of your home, without having to renovate, or put much effort in!


Windows can either be losing heat thanks to compromised seals around the window itself or just due to their thinner single pane glass. Take a lighter and run it slowly around the frame of your window. If you notice the flame flickering, you may be losing heat from the seals of your window allowing air to sneak through. The solution to this could be to update your windows foam tape. Or you could remove the old caulking and re-caulk your window frame.

If there’s no drafts around your window frame, but the room with the window in it is still noticeably colder than the rest of your house, if may just be a problem with the window thickness, or maybe its only single pane. Try applying a plastic cover like this one, it may not be very aesthetically pleasing but the money you’ll save in heating each month will hopefully make up for it!


I will not spend much time on doors as everyone understands the importance of maintaining a good seal around your door to reduce drafts. What I will mention is to understand that your doors insulating components will ware overtime. If your house seems colder this winter than it did last winter take a look at the insulation around the frame, is it ripped? So compact it doesn’t seem to hold the seal like it used to? It might be time to upgrade your exterior doors insulation around the frame!

Light Switches

Light Switches on the inside of exterior walls can be huge heat sinks. If you noticed your light switches are always very cold you should consider picking up these light switch insulators. It takes about 5 seconds to install, and could actually create a big difference!

These quality home insulation tips could save hundreds of dollars a year. Even better than that, it’ll add greatly to your own enjoyment of your home. Please give HomeBuyersYEG a call if you want to sell your house in Edmonton or need any tips on renovation work, we’re always happy to talk! 780-306-1661 or