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Edmonton Infill development – building skinny homes in centrally located neighborhoods – has become a common occurrence in Edmonton. This is a fortunate circumstance for homeowners looking for a fast house sale. If you live in one of Edmonton’s many infill development neighborhoods we will buy your home fast without any commission payments required. Before the new zoning rules made this possible – homeowners with run down houses could rarely sell their home faster than the markets average sale rate. Since these updates developers like HomeBuyersYEG will buy your home fast for cash!

HomeBuyersYEG specializes in fast house sales. We’re cash house buyers so no matter your situation we will be able to close on your property within weeks hassle free. Want a fast house sale contact us and learn what price we will buy your home for!

What is Infill Development?

Edmonton infill development, at this time, consists primarily of Skinny Homes and townhomes. If you’ve driven through a neighborhood like Ritchie, Belgravia, Westmount or Glenora, you may have noticed the trend. Old bungalows are being bought by infill developers who are subdividing those lots and putting up two smaller houses on what used to be one larger lot. Often times the homes are no more than 1,700 Square Feet, with many having 2 to even 3 stories. Check out our Edmonton Infill Development projects here.

How did Infill Development start in Edmonton?

Mayor Don Iveson as well as many other members of the Edmonton City Council, were motivated to solve a few problems our growing city is currently dealing with. The first of these two problems, being the cost of city expansion. Edmonton’s horizontal expansion has demand massive planning expenses. Including potentially even adding a second ring road. The city councilors have realized the true cost of horizontal development. The city of Edmonton has thus focused on growing density in already serviced and developed inner city neighborhoods

The second problem was home affordability in central Edmonton. Edmonton’s housing price spike in the early 2000’s created a problem; land values became too high to interest new home builders in Edmonton’s old neighborhoods. For the last 10 years it has been impossible in neighborhoods like: Forest Heights, Allendale, Oliver or even Grovenor, to buy a house, demolish it and redevelop a new home with a price tag under $1,000,000.

The Solution: Skinny Homes

To save on Edmonton’s future expansion costs and lower the cost of housing in central Edmonton was simple. The city changed the rules so homeowners can now subdivide their 50 ft. lots into smaller 25 ft. lots. This changed allowed for skinny homes at a much cheaper price than a regular home. Spurring serious redevelopments in several older Edmonton neighborhoods. It is now possible for future homeowners to find a house in Westmount, Glenora, Ritchie, or any of the other centrally located neighborhoods for under $1,000,00. As cash house buyers and home builders ourselves HomeBuyersYEG welcomes the opportunity to build homes in these beautiful neighborhoods! Are you looking for a fast home sale? Do you live in one of Edmonton’s Infill development neighborhoods? Keep reading and see what HomeBuyersYEG can do for you.

What Can HomeBuyersYEG do for you?

#1 We will buy your Home Hassle free

Are you looking for a fast house sale? Hoping to sell to a cash buyer without any commission payments required? You may be in luck! Here’s a few of the neighborhoods we like buying houses in: Ritchie, Glenwood, West Jasper Place, Meadowlark, Jasper Place, Canora, Capilano, Belgravia, Westmount, Glenora, Grovenor,  Forest Heights, Inglewood, Parkview or Crestwood. Even if you don’t live in one of those neighborhoods we urge you to give us a call before going to a real estate agent. Learn what we would pay commission free! As home developers we’re confident we’ll be able to close on your home in any time frame you want. Whether you need a long closing period, or a fast house sale.

We will buy your home to re-develop into two high quality skinny homes. Check out our projects to see where we’re currently building skinny homes!

#2 We will help you subdivide your house into two properties

Working with the government is never fun, especially when you’re trying to figure out something as complex as real estate regulations. HomeBuyersYEG offers you the chance to rezone your large infill lot into two smaller properties (skinny home lots). Why would you want to do this? You can now sell those two subdivided infill lots each separately, often times for more than you could sell the singular 50 foot lot for.

This service is incredibly useful if you want a fast home sale but your house is a tear down.

#3 We will list your home for sale in a developer friendly manner

The barriers to entry to become a real estate agent are incredibly low. Buyers all over the city are running into realtors who are less worried about the true value of their home and more worried about getting their commission. HomeBuyersYEG has been building infill developments for years and we believe a property that can be redeveloped into two lots should not be sold as a house but marketed to represent its’ true potential. Call today to learn more about your home and list your house with professionals who understand your unique situation!

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