The present economic conditions have had a deep impact on the real estate market; for this reason, many homeowners looking for a quick home sale have difficulty finding buyers, particularly in cases where the home in question requires repair and restructuring. Regardless of the reasons that lead you to sell your home, the real challenge is to find buyers who is ready to buy a house at an agreed price, preferably in the state of “as is” and as soon as possible.

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Selling a home means, first and foremost, finding a buyer who is capable of qualifying for your home purchase. Since the economy has been going through a difficult time, banks and financial institutions have stiffened their credit policies. Getting a loan to finance home purchase is not as simple and fast as a few years ago. This means that if you find a buyer who needs funding, this would mean weeks or probably months of wait for the loan to be approved. At the end of all that the sale still isn’t guaranteed; as even ‘unconditional’ offers cannot go through if the buyer can’t get financing. This is not the formula for a quick home sale!


The solution to closing a quick home sale in our current market conditions? Sell to a ‘cash buyer’ or a company like HomeBuyersYEG that buys houses to renovate or demolish and create Infill homes. By working with HomeBuyersYEG or a similar company we will buy you house over a period (long or short) that suits your needs.


Real Estate Agents boast that they can ensure a quick home sale but most of them are only as fast as the market average for home sales, which is currently hovering around 60-70 DOA (days on market). On top of that, you’re also paying their realtor fee, and opening your house up to the public to walk through for sometimes months on end. Lastly, it is not time effective to use a realtor as they will often let you list your house for whatever they think will get them your business, even if it is much higher than market value would suggest!


HomeBuyersYEG can provide a quick home sale where you can privately sell the house and keep all the money you get without the need for unnecessary costs. This is a great advantage offered by cash buyers. With 100% of costs included in the face value of the transaction, there are no hidden fees.

Cash property buyers make it easy to sell a house quickly by offering you customized solutions. With a little time spent online to find a real and dependable cash property buyer, you can be sure of a quick home sale for cash with the least amount of stress. Money and peace of mind come together with a hard cash buyer. So get in touch and find out what HomeBuyersYEG would pay today! (780) 306 1661