Realtor Qualifications

Becoming a Realtor in Edmonton Alberta is not that hard. To become a licensed realtor you need to take a few online courses and a few in person tests then sit through some in person lessons before your registration process is complete. This isn’t a bad thing but it does mean a lot of the training will happen on the job. As a result, many realtors may become very practiced at a certain type of transaction while not getting much education in others. You should always ask your realtor to show you their past deals before entrusting them with what could be the biggest purchase of your life!

Buying Too Fast

There are certain circumstances were buying your house fast is not a bad thing. Maybe you found your dream home right off the bat. Or maybe you got a deal too good to refuse! With that being said, many people jump on the wrong house because they’ve rushed the process. Watching the market in a certain neighborhood for a while is a good strategy to know you’re buying a house that makes sense with the current market in that area. Plus you never know what’s really out there unless you take the time to look!

Not Including a Home Inspection Condition

Home Inspection is paramount to getting the right deal. No matter how well you negotiate or what price you land on, the true quality of the house overtime will be the true decider of whether you got a deal or not. A well built home with well maintained appliances and building systems won’t likely need much money reinvested in it each year. When you’re buying your next house it’s important to always make your home purchase conditional on satisfaction of a property inspection.