Your sewer system could seriously affect your house sale. Sewer inspection and maintenance is the last thing on a homeowners’ mind. Unfortunately, in Edmonton homeowners are responsible for their main sewer connections all the way up till their property line. Main drain root elimination and video recorded line snaking can be done by a handyman or even EPCOR for around $300 – $450. Having this done every few years can prevent serious drainage issues. A drainage issue left unresolved can make a house nearly impossible to sell without first remediating– causing a lot of trouble and added expenses if left to the last moment.


In Edmonton, up until the 1980s most houses were small enough, they only required 60-amp power. In today’s society 60-amp power isn’t suitable in many instances, with our higher-powered heating and cooling systems, fridges and ovens this low power level will lead to recurrent breaker outages. If a 60-amp power is left in the house while selling it can cause a deal to fall apart as many home insurance companies will not provide insurance without a condition the breaker is upgraded to 100-amp. Upgrading a breaker to 100-amp can cost around $3,000. This is a hidden cost which should either be made clear to the buyers before any contracts are signed or remediated beforehand! If it is not made clear, this issue could be the nail in the coffin when working with a potential buyer.


Over several summers and winters in Edmonton even a small hole or crack could create trouble for a homes’ foundation? Several small or large cracks in the houses foundation can easily create a no-go situation for a buyer. The water damage through these holes and cracks could more damage than you can imagine, so it’s highly crucial to take care of them at an early stage or before bringing any buyers through the house!


There are numerous different reasons behind stains whether they’re in the floors or the ceilings. However, many homeowners do not take them seriously in the beginning which causes them trouble in the future. So, it’s important to find out what’s causing the stains then remediating the problem before it leads to a bigger one which might prevent you from selling your house. Potential buyers are looking for a well-maintained asset that won’t cause them future troubles. Stains without proof of remediation will suggest future problems which can turn off all but the most experienced homebuyers.