DISCLAIMER: Asbestos is dangerous only when disturbed and the particles become airborne! Asbestos was commonly used in several types of building materials until the 1980s in Edmonton.


Edmonton is filled with single family bungalows. Many of which have stucco exteriors. These stucco exteriors may contain asbestos. The chance that your stucco exterior contains asbestos is truly up in the air – some builders were using asbestos products and others were not – it’s almost impossible to tell with the naked eye.


Drywall itself does not normally contain asbestos. The primary containing material in drywall is the plaster in the joints between the drywall sheets. If this material contains asbestos the remediation costs can be pricey as the asbestos becomes a very finite dust, creating the need for extreme caution when removing.


That’s right! The awful ceiling stipple we’re all so used to seeing on the ceilings of old houses is worse for more than one reason. Ceiling stipple may or may not contain asbestos in Edmonton but if it does it can make simple home renovation projects difficult. If a house is being demolished the primary remediation method is to simply drop the ceiling onto the floor and remove it in large chunks. This method is used to reduce the amount of asbestos ending up in the air.