Foundation Issues

If you’re buying a house with a finished basement you had better make sure you’ve clearly asked the sellers about the finishing work. Why? Because your home inspector is not obligated to inspect anything he or she cannot see with their eyes. In this case, a finished basement can be a huge risk! It’s hard to tell what’s behind that drywall including potential cracks, mold or leaks. The best way to protect yourself is to make sure you ask your seller #1 “Who did you basement development?” If it was done while they lived in the house, you can follow-up by asking if they noticed any damaged to the foundation while doing the work. #2 “Have you had any leaks in the basement?” if so this could mean a foundation crack.

Drywall Damage

Your home inspector will not remove anything leaning on the walls or hanging on the walls when inspecting the drywall. The reason being they’re only obligated to inspect aspects of the house they can see with their eyes. If you’re worried, you should ask the seller to remove some of the things hanging on the wall or leaning against it.

Drainage Line Issues

Unless you’re working with a high-quality property inspector your home inspection will likely not have a mainline drainage inspection. This isn’t a big deal unless you’re buying a home in an older neighborhood. Many drainage systems are on their last limb in Edmonton. Might be worthwhile paying the additional cost and finding an inspector willing to take this on!

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