Why We Buy Houses

We Renovate Houses

Edmonton has many beautiful, established neighborhoods with unique homes with renovation potential. HomeBuyersYEG loves modernizing and restoring old homes. Do you have an old house that needs renovations? Lets talk and see if we can come to a mutually beneficial sale price. We’re more than happy to work with you through a quick and painless sale process.

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We Develop Infill Properties

HomeBuyersYEG is excited about the transformative power Infill development is having on inner city Edmonton. If you own a house on large lot in a neighborhood like Belgravia, Westmount, Glenora, Grovenor, Forest Heights, Inglewood, Parkview or Crestwood get in touch and learn about what we’d pay for your house! We Buy Infill properties even if they have rental potential.

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We Buy Investment Properties

Has your homes basement suite been a great revenue producing asset that’s helped you pay your mortgage for years? Do you think your house could be a great rental property? Is the neighborhood perfect for a new family to grow up in? You’re in luck! We love buying cash flowing properties!

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Our Goal As Edmonton Home Buyers

Wondering how you can sell your house fast without paying realtor commissions? We are Edmonton home buyers looking to help you achieve this goal! As fast home buyers focused in the Edmonton area our goal is to find a win – win solution between us – the home buyer and you the homeowner. What would that win – win situation be? We need you to help us figure that out!

We buy homes to renovate, hold as investment properties, or as a new Infill Development project. We’re fast home buyers because we are all cash home buyers. This added level of flexibility allows us to work within your needs. Are you in foreclosure? Or maybe you just don’t want to pay a fortune in realtor fees? No matter your situation or time frame, we’re prepared to work with you. That’s how we’re committed to making each of our deals a win – win situation. By choosing HomeBuyersYEG we can offer you the security and ease to sell your house fast or slow! We’ll agree on a purchase price that you’re willing to sell your house for and close the deal within hours if needed. By selling your house to fast home buyers you’re taking all the stress out of the often-difficult home selling process.

Are you right for HomeBuyersYEG? For many home sellers the pace at which they sell their home at isn’t the biggest factor. So why go with Edmonton home buyers rather than a realtor? HomeBuyersYEG understands the foreclosure process, as we are always buying homes out of pre-foreclosure. Don’t let shady mortgage companies get the best of you. If at the least we’re able to give you some advice on how to deal with your mortgage we’ll be happy to have gotten a chance to help!

Edmonton home buyers understand the true value of a rundown house. Don’t let realtors pressure you to sell your house for nothing just because it’s in a bad condition. Fast home buyers like us will always write you an offer on your rundown house. We are eager for renovation projects. We will write you a fair offer that reflects what we believe the After-Renovation Value (ARV) of your house is minus our all in costs of renovation.

We aren’t realtors! Many renovators and real estate development companies in Edmonton are looking for homes to buy through realtors but we’ve decided to cut out the middle man. By selling your house directly to us we’re both saving money on realtor fees. On top of that, Edmonton home buyers won’t pester you with countless walk throughs! We will buy your house for all cash no hassle guaranteed.

We buy houses in Edmonton no matter what. We see value in all houses and will write you an offer on your house no matter the location, the type of house or the condition of the house. We buy houses for many different purposes including just for the cash flow potential. If you’ve exhausted all options and still want to sell your house as fast as possible give us a call! We aren’t only interested in home buying we’re also interested in educating Edmontonians about Real Estate investing. If you’re wondering how to learn about your real estate check our blog!

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Current Projects

Check Out Our Current Edmonton Projects
Parkview infill development in central edmonton we buy edmonton houses


Edmonton, AB

In August of 2017 we closed on this Parkview home located on 147th street and 91st avenue.
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Foreclosure Pre-foreclosure we buy Edmonton Houses


Edmonton, AB

In August we closed on this 1900 SF 3 story bungalow on 161st and 83rd avenue.
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